Journey Of A Mountaineer – Phase I

The film is about the initial Journey of  Mountaineers,taking their first step into mountaineering. Through the days of their extensive training,they face new challenges,learn new things and most importantly they try to connect themselves with nature in their own ways.
The film has been shot over a span of 70 consecutive days,covering 5 Basic Mountaineering Course batches & 1 Advanced Mountaineering Course batch of HMI at their training camps in Darjeeling, Rathong Glacier and Kabru Glacier.
This was our first project and we tried our level best to film in those challenging environment.We hope that the film will remind every mountaineer of their inception days.


A trader in the Indian Stock Market & an aspiring Digital Marketeer. Traveling is a big part of my life and mountains my First Love! Spreading awareness and the beauty of nature is what I intend to do. As for my personal space is concerned, I will keep swimming with the flow & keep tasting the nectar of life on the go!

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