A documentary by Cairn Filmz on Rock climbing course organised by the Bizpur Pioneer Adventurers Society.

Bizpur Pioneer Society was founded in 2017 with a goal to introduce and nurture young climbers and adventurers. Cairn Filmz feels privilaged to document their efforts and wish them the good luck for the future.

The event took place at the Gajaburu hills in Purulia,West Bengal,India. During this event two hill tops, Gajaburu and Dholburu was successfully climbed.

The purpose of this documentary is not only to share the wonderful efforts made by Bizpur Pioneer Adventurers Society but also to portray the beauty and diversity of rural Bengal and India.


A trader in the Indian Stock Market & an aspiring Digital Marketeer. Traveling is a big part of my life and mountains my First Love! Spreading awareness and the beauty of nature is what I intend to do. As for my personal space is concerned, I will keep swimming with the flow & keep tasting the nectar of life on the go!

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